I’m sorry, Cameron. I messed up your mouth. And I made your dog look scared. I’m the absolute worst. Please forgive me. No refunds.

Jakub & Friends

I’m sorry, Jakub. I’m not good at drawing dogs either. Guess I should’ve put that on the order form. That’s my bad. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Adam. I made you look like a complete doofus. I’m sure you’re not a doofus. I’m just really terrible at caricatures. No refunds.

Nyx and Belial

I’m sorry, Nyx and Belial. I don’t know how to draw dogs. Also: how did you order? Do dogs have PayPal. I’m confused. No refunds.

Josephine, Matt, and Milk

I’m sorry, Josephine, Matt, and Milk. I forgot to draw Josephine smiling. Matt looks weird. And I don’t know how to draw dogs. No refunds.

Emily and Dog

I’m sorry, Emily and Dog. I really like your matching outfits. Too bad my drawing of you turned out so crappy. You must think I’m an idiot. You’re right. No refunds.

Kelsey, Tanner, & Alfie

I’m sorry, Kelsey, Tanner, & Alfie. Not only am I terrible at drawing people, but I’m even worse at drawing dogs. Please don’t be mad at me. Merry Christmas.


I’m sorry, Taryn. I don’t know why I drew your ferret so terrifying. It’s clearly not. I’m just really awful at this. No refunds

Arden, Eric, and Phoebe


I’m sorry, Arden, Eric, and Phoebe. I wasn’t sure who was who. So I think I swapped one of your faces with the dog’s face. Common mistake. At least for me. No refunds.