A terrible caricature of Emilie

I’m sorry, Emilie. I messed up your nose. And your mouth. And your eyes. And your chin. There’s not much to like here. I hope you’re not upset. No refunds.


A terrible caricature of Jordan

I’m sorry, Jordan. You probably sent me this picture to show me what a terrible caricature of you looked like. Little did you know that I could do worse. No refunds.



I’m sorry, Shayla. I drew you with crazy eyes. You don’t have crazy eyes. I don’t know what happened. Besides the fact that I’m terrible at caricatures. No refunds.

Millie May


I’m sorry, Millie-May. I really screwed this one up. Your head shape is all wrong and your mouth is too big. The whole thing is a disaster. I apologize. No refunds.



I’m sorry, Jae. Everything is wrong here. Your eye, your eyelashes, your mouth, your tongue. The whole thing is a mess. Please forgive me. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Abbey. Your eyes and smile in my drawing make you look manic. Which was probably not what you wanted. Please don’t be mad at me. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Ryan. I messed up your nose and made your head too flat. So this doesn’t really look like you. Please forgive me. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Chey. I tried capturing your smile, but I drawing all the teeth makes it look weird. I have no idea what I’m doing. No refunds.

Paul & Emma

I’m sorry, Paul and Emma. This is a disaster. Just the crappiest drawing of two good looking young people. I’m the worst. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Simon. I tried to capture your wry smile, but it ended up making your face look like Play-doh. Please don’t be upset. I’m just not very good at this. No refunds.