I’m sorry, Joe. This is awful. Your face is not that round. And your beard is much fuller. I’m just terrible at this. Please forgive me. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Benjo. Not only does this not really look like you, it’s also a pretty crappy drawing. Like, what’s up with the hairline? I have no idea what I’m doing. No refunds


I’m sorry, Nikki. I made your face too small and your hair too big. So this doesn’t really look like you. I hope you’re not upset. I know I would be. No refunds.


I’m so sorry, Tanya. This looks nothing like you. I don’t know who it looks like but it’s not you. Please don’t be mad at me. I tried my best. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Chris. I really messed up your facial hair. And your nose. And your head shape. Nothing about this is right. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Elin. I don’t know why I drew you so mad. You’re clearly smiling in your photo. I have no idea what I’m doing. No refunds.

Robb & Jenni

I’m sorry, Robb & Jenni. This doesn’t look like either of you. I don’t know what happened. I’ve been really tired lately. Hope you’re not mad. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Kate. This is awful. I forgot your glasses. And I don’t know how to draw hands. Or bridges. I’m the worst. No refunds.


I’m sorry, Sidney. I really screwed up your nose here. I’m still not that good at proportions. I hope you’re not mad at me. I tried my best. No refunds.

David & Denise

I’m sorry, David & Denise. This looks nothing like either of you. I hope I didn’t ruin your wedding. But if I did, I understand. No refunds.