Corinne, Jay & Family (6th Chance)

Listen, Corinne, Jay, and Family – stop ordering these. Every year you order one and every year I screw it up. When will you learn? No refunds. Ever!

Jon, Michael, Justin, and John

Sorry, fellas. You look like a bunch of really cool dudes. But I’m awful at drawing caricatures, so now you look like a bunch of weirdos. I don’t know what went wrong. No refunds.

Omar and Friends


I’m sorry, Omar. There’s too many people in your photo. So I couldn’t draw much detail on anyone. Please don’t be mad at me. I tried my best.

Richard & Friends

I’m sorry, Richard. you and your friends looks really nice. So I’m sorry I butchered everyone with my drawing. I’m not very good at this. No refunds.

The Williams Family (3rd Chance)

“I’m so sorry, Williams Family. Every year, you order a holiday caricature and every year I screw it up. You’d think one of us would wise up by now. WHELP thanks for your blind optimism. Happy Holidays.”

Nelie & Kyle

“I’m sorry, Nelie. Your friend Kyle paid me to draw a caricature of you, but it didn’t turn out too good because I am NOT good at drawing caricatures. Like AT ALL. Happy Birthday.”

Heather & Tyler

“I’m sorry, Heather and Tyler. I tried my best, but this doesn’t look like you two at all. Probably because I’m NOT good at caricatures. Like AT ALL.”

Charles & Teresa

“I’m so sorry, Charles & Teresa. This doesn’t look like you because I’m not very good at caricatures. Like AT ALL.”

Aaron & Victoria

“I’m so sorry, Aaron and Victoria. I tried my best to capture the magic of your wedding day, but it turned out crappy because I’m not very good at this. Hope you’re not offended.”

Hank & Sherry

“I’m really sorry, Hank and Sherry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m just really bad at this. I hope you’re not offended.”