Robert & Caitie

I’m sorry, Robert & Catie. Your teeth aren’t that big. I’m just not very good at drawing caricatures. I hope you’re not offended. No refunds.

Emma Jean & Ross


I’m sorry, Emma Jean & Ross. Looks like I forgot both of your glasses. And Ross’s beard. Dunno how I missed that. Sorry. No refunds.

Ryan &  Sarah Jane

I’m sorry, Ryan & Sarah Jane. This doesn’t really look like either of you. Especially Ryan. What’s up with his nose? I’m the worst.

Mai & James

I’m sorry, Mai & James. I forgot James’ hat and made his teeth sharp for some reason. I’m not very good at this. No refunds.

Ana & Lulu


I’m sorry, Ana & Lulu. I did a really crappy job on this one. Your mouths are all weird and I think I forgot Lulu’s glasses. My apologies. No refunds.

Christopher & Michelle

I’m sorry, Christopher & Michelle. I made your smiles really weird. Mouths are hard to draw. No refunds.

Emily & Joe

I’m sorry, Emily & Joe. I tried drawing that beautiful bouquet, but I messed it up. And your faces. And your height. This whole thing is a disaster.

Annie & Sam

I’m sorry, Annie & Sam. This kinda looks like you, but it’s still a crappy drawing. Annie’s eyes are two sizes and Sam’s chin is weird. Please don’t be mad at me.

Ayumi & Eric

I’m sorry, Ayumi & Eric. This is a really crappy drawing of the two of you. Eric’s ears are too big and his chin is too square. I really beefed this one. Sorry.

Chris & Chrisanna


I’m sorry, Chris & Chrisanna. This looks nothing like either of you. I hope you’re not mad at me. I tried my best. Mouths are hard to draw, OK?