A terrible caricature of Becci

I’m sorry, Becci. I tried to capture your expressive eyes, but I think I made the lashes too long so you look kinda weird and I don’t know how to fix it. My apologies. No refunds.

Patrick & Shannan

A terrible caricature of Patrick & Shannan

I’m sorry, Patrick and Shannan. I drew you both with crazy eyes. Neither of you have crazy eyes IRL. I’m just awful at caricatures. I hope you’re not upset. No refunds.

Qira’s Dad

Qira’s Dad

I’m sorry, Quira’s Dad. Quira paid me to draw a caricature of you as a gift, but I messed it up because I’m not very good at caricatures. Please don’t be mad at me. No refunds.

Qira’s Mom

Qira’s Mom

I’m sorry, Quira’s Mom. I got your head shape wrong. So this doesn’t really look like you. Please don’t be upset with me. I tried my best. No refunds.

Ben & Yoan

Ben & Yoan

I’m sorry, Ben & Yoan. I’m not very good at drawing mouths. Or hands. Or caricatures, really. Happy Anniversary. No refunds.


A terrible caricature of Emilie

I’m sorry, Emilie. I messed up your nose. And your mouth. And your eyes. And your chin. There’s not much to like here. I hope you’re not upset. No refunds.


A terrible caricature of Jordan

I’m sorry, Jordan. You probably sent me this picture to show me what a terrible caricature of you looked like. Little did you know that I could do worse. No refunds.

Sam & Haylee

A terrible caricature of Sam & Haylee

I’m sorry, Sam and Haylee. You look like nice people. And your dog is very cute. But this is an awful drawing of all three of you. I have no idea what I’m doing. Please forgive me. No refunds.



I’m sorry, Megan. I made your nose too upturned, your ear too big, and your smile too weird. This whole thing is a mess. I understand if you’re disappointed. No refunds.

Vianet & Uriel

A terrible caricature of Vianet & Uriel

I’m sorry, Vianet and Uriel. I drew your eyes too open. So you look creepy. I’m sure you’re not creepy in real life. I’m just not very good at this. No refunds.